Women’s Sports and Fitness: Stay Active and Healthy

Women have changed the definition of sports itself by providing it more glamour and spice. They draw millions of fans and audiences across countries and nations, and take home the much prized medals and trophies. It is very difficult to imagine how women, who are generally considered to be weak and confined to household responsibilities, are doing wonders for their nations.

For women to excel in sports or even otherwise, a fitness regime is important from the perspective of their, heart, obesity and general health concerns. Heart ailments like high levels of cholesterol, coronary artery disease and type 2 diabetes can be prevented with the help of an extensive exercise regime.

Obesity is always an issue with women and research shows that exercise does help in maintaining the body weight in women. Reducing calories becomes important here and the best way to do it is to burn more calories than you actually feed yourself with.

Interesting Facts:

  • Menopausal women who exercise once a week reduce the chance of early death.
  • Walking at a moderate speed for three hours a week can reduce the chances of strokes or heart attacks.
  • Aerobics and resistance-type training help pregnant women.
  • Research suggests that women involved in sports and related activities, are healthier and more academically successful than men.
  • Studies also reveal that, sportswomen are less prone to diseases like, breast cancer and any kind of reproductive cancer.
  • A regular involvement in sports increases the self-esteem in women and induces leadership qualities, very evident from the increasing participation of women in politics and other social arenas.

Fitness Tips For Women:

  • Try weight training exercises with resistance bands and tubes which make muscles strong
  • Jumping and sprinting also increase the power of muscles and joints
  • Yoga and Pilates classes improve your balance while walking or any sort of movement
  • Yoga also enhances flexibility of the various body parts
  • Aerobics improves the circulation of blood and reduces heart ailments
  • Aerobics, step classes and cardio boxing classes strengthen the muscles and help in the creation of fluid which supports harmonious movement
  • Engage in regular walking, car washing or gardening

Health Benefits:

  • Reduces the chances of heart attacks
  • Minimizes the chances of strokes
  • Reduces back problems
  • Reduces the chances of osteoporosis
  • Regular and extensive workouts reduce your affinity to nicotine
  • Reduces stress
  • Reduces cholesterol level
  • Reduces blood pressure
  • Promotes weight loss when combined with a balanced and healthy diet

Leading sportswomen have stolen the show in recent times, be it tennis, basketball or athletics. Never restrain to explore the strength in you. Stay active and live not only a longer but a better and healthier tomorrow.